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M y   P o o l r o o m

My pool table This is an overview of my billiard area. The enlarged red circle shows one of my Practice Pro Pocket Reducers. I read about these on www.barenada.com. They really help you aim better, especially if the pockets are loose like they are on my table.

Here is a nice view of the overall table. This is a 9 foot AMF Playmaster with Simonis 860 cloth. The balls are Belgian Super Arimith Pro with a soccer style cue ball. I used 2 four foot florescent light housings, 4 tubes each, to illuminate the table. My pool table

My pool table The spectator seating area is comprised of two La-Z-Boy arm chairs separated by a small table and lamp. A two tiered podium raises the chairs about 23 inches above floor level, giving guests a generous view of the game from a very relaxed seating position.

Here is a better view of one the Practice Pro Pocket Reducers. A set of these are a must if you are serious about pool and don't already have professionally cut pockets on your table. I bought mine from Seybert's Billiard Supply. My pool table

Charlie Jones Pool Room Charlie Jones Pool Room Longoni LVC-1 at longonicues.com
Charlie Jones Pool Room Practice Pro Pocket Reducers Practice Pro Pocket Reducers
Elevated Seating Wooden Pool Chair with Arms Wooden Pool Chair with Arms
Charlie Jones Pool Room

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